Villa Maria Luigia

The wonderful position and size of Villa Maria Luigia bed and breakfast Amalfi, make it the ideal setting for holiday accommodation.

Convinced of this quality, the Amendola family have decided to follow in their father’s footsteps. In fact, at the beginning of the XX century, they ran one of the most famous hotels in Italy, the Hotel d’Italie et Suisse an exclusive destination for personalities who contributed to world history and were under the public spotlight.

Today, capitalising on 60 years of experience in the restaurant business, the Amendola brothers have decided to establish themselves in the hotel sector with Villa Maria Luigia.

And it is with the same elegance, cordiality and experience and a touch of sobriety and Mediterranean modernity that Villa Maria Luigia is launched as the ideal destination for those wanting to stay in Divine Amalfi and to be pampered surrounded by comfort and cordiality.

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